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At Outside the Box Advertising, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative and effective advertising solutions that break the mold. Our team is dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and crafting campaigns that captivate audiences and drive results. Take a glimpse into some of our standout client work and the brands we've had the pleasure of collaborating with.

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I have found Outside the Box Advertising ( OTBA) to be an outstanding company ! The fact that it’s a local company is the cherry on the top. Having worked with the company for just over two years, I now depend on them as more than just marketing, but also as a sounding board for freshness !
They live up to their name, they Think Outside The Box – in a truly awesome way. Fresh ideas, not yielding to your way of thinking without imposing their ideas upon you. The duo Lee Ingham and Chandra Craigg compliment the brain behind OTBA balancing ideas, marketing and execution.
So to my fellow business people, aspiring entrepreneurs, other companies or individuals that want the marketing push - from me to you – Outside The Box Marketing - Strongly endorsed, never enforced – the opportunity is yours !

Mrs. Malaika Wint-Williams
Owner -Kalookis Restaurant, The Patty Place , Legal ,Faces Fingers

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